Pelham Ice Garden

Outdoor Ice Rink

Updated 12/26/14 - The Ice Garden is making a comeback in 2015!

All REAL TIME information about the ice rink can be found on our Facebook page:


If you would like to make a contribution to help fund the ice rink, please proceed to: 

Thank you volunteers!

The Pelham Ice Garden is "an outdoor

Community ice rink built by volunteers and

enjoyed by the residents of Pelham, NH"

Thank you to our "Rink Captains", these are the volunteers who build, maintain our rink...without whom this wouldn't be possible!

J. Gould, C. Mader, K. Mader, L. Ouellette, & J. Roark.

And of course, a special thank you to Brian Johnson, Kathy Carr,

Fire Chief Jim Midgley & Police Chief Joe Roark for their support!

 PLEASE thank our volunteers when you see them at the rink!

We welcome all Ice Skating & Outdoor Hockey Enthusiasts - Welcome to our 6th season!

Tentative plans are to open the Pelham Ice Garden on New Years Day at 11am.

This is of course depends on the weather, but the extended forecast looks good for a January 1st opening. 


Tentativplans are to open the Pelham Ice Garden on New Years Day at 11am.

This is of course depends on the weather, but the extended forecast looks good for a January 1st opening. 

Stay tuned...

This is a family friendly event and there will be great prizes on hand along with fantastic kids games. And don't forget to meet Pelham's heroes when the Police Department and Fire Department face-off at high Noon for the 3rd annual Fire & Ice Classic Pond Hockey game. The series is currently tied at 1-1 so you know it will be a "spirited" game!
Whenever you go to the rink, please help us shovel snow & ice shavings off the rink. By simply shoveling the rink or clearing the path from the parking lot to the rink is a HUGE help for patrons and volunteers alike. And if you choose to bring your own shovel, use PLASTIC SHOVELS ONLY! Please...NO METAL BLADE SHOVELS! You could not only create issues with the ice but you could rip the liner. 

Also, please remove the pond hockey goals or pucks from the ice when you're done, and just leave our shovels, pucks, etc up against the light pole when you finish skating...we sometimes lose shovels & pucks if you throw them off to the side of the rink and it snows.

If you are in need of community service hours, by all means come on down then submit your hours from approval to our Parks & Recreation Department. They are located at the Town Hall at 6 Village Green, or can be reached via email at:


Also important to note...WEAR A HELMET! There are cinder blocks surrounding the rink, and the ice & areas around the rink can be slippery. We're seeing too many people skating without a helmet and people could fall both ON and OFF the ice.


Be safe out there and have fun!

Thank you to our Platinum Sponsors!

The Pelham Ice Garden would like to thank TSR Hockey, A Handy Company, FLIR Corporation, and Broussard General Contractors for their generous donations. Please visit their website, place of business, or write them a letter to thank them for their support...without sponsors like this, building & maintaining our rink wouldn't be possible!

Thank you to Porta-Rinx, the company who helped us build the rink, and their products who help us maintain the rink!

If you've ever wanted to build a rink in your backyard, Damian Renzello is your man! He is based in Vermont and will hand deliver a rink kit to your home. And if he has time, may even help you build it!

Visit his website at: